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Yue from Oculus

Oculus is a project in development by myself.


it is a murder mystery taking place in a small town that follows a young girl named Yue and an out-of-town, out-of-practice and out-of-money detective, craig wubbels. 

as the two attempt to solve the crime, the townsfolk seem to be working against them behind the scenes in the form of an unnamed cult. 

people of interest

Yue from Oculus



yue is your average one-eyed girl that just wants to survive high school and kiss her little ai girlfriend, sherri.

when her best friend gets killed on the first day of senior year, all fingers are pointed at her as the main suspect in his murder case.

Desperate to prove her innocence, yue and sherri team up to solve the case.

Craig Wubbels from Oculus

Craig Wubbels


father to keith wubbels and  former legend among the Chicago police department.

for reasons unknown, He no longer associates himself with the force and has chosen to become a Private eye

(with little success).

he has been tasked with solving the murder of colin paige and with the townsfolk feeding him their two cents, he has his eyes set on yue as the main culprit.



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